Statement of Faith
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Did you know that anointed is frequently
misspelled? There should be only one n after the a!
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Anointed Messages goal is to encourage others!

As a ministry we send out encouraging emails to subscribers free of
charge. We pray for our subscribers and all whom receive Anointed
We believe in the Bible as the Word of God, and in God the
Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This is a Christian ministry;
following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

As a company we produce inspirational products, gifts, and books. Our
products are appropriate for a wide variety of situations. They are useful
in ministry, as evangelism tools, in counseling, self-improvement and for
anyone who needs encouragement. Our goal is for everything we produce to
be beautiful and excellent; appealing to the physical senses as well as the

Anointed Messages have the ability to reach all people on some level
because the God who made us all is the distributor of the messages. They
inspire the Christian Believer to keep fighting the good fight of faith, they
draw in the unbeliever with a positive word, they minister to the
discouraged and broken hearted, comfort those who mourn, and proclaim
good news to those whom are spiritually or physically bound. These positive
messages can encourage others whether they believe in God or not.

The Anointed Messages are very short, no more than one or two sentences,
and some are as short as one word. The brevity of the messages is
perfectly suited for our modern busy society which is usually on the go.
People who won’t take time to read a book or even a one page devotional are
more likely to read a message small enough to fit on a tiny piece of paper.
Many of the messages are aphorisms, but there are also prayers, Bible
scriptures, positive affirmations and prophetic words of knowledge.

You can
support Anointed Messages through prayer, with feedback, or
by purchasing our affordable products and gifts.
Anointed Messages
O BOX 802562
HICAGO, IL 60680-2562
(747) 333-6377  (747) 333-MESS
About Anointed Messenger
Pastor & Discoverer of Anointed Messages
Anointed Messenger is an aphorist, a Nationally Certified Counselor,
an ordained minister, a prayer warrior, a published author, a youth
minister, and most importantly a child of the Most High God.

Anointed Messenger says:
I don't like to give out any demographic information such as age,
race, and gender because like
Paul, I want to be all things to all
people. My desire is for people to focus on God, not the messenger.
I faithfully pray for all whom receive Anointed Messages that you
will be blessed and encouraged to become all God created you to be.
We can be contacted by email

Prayer requests should be sent to
Anointed Messenger
Receive the right message at the right time
- that's our prayer for you.
Anointed means chosen by divine
intervention (God).
DISCLAIMER: Anointed Messages are intended to be
supplemental in your walk with God. Anointed Messages are
not a substitute for church attendance or counseling.
Anointed Messages started over 10 years
ago as handwritten messages on tiny slips of
paper that Anointed Messenger personally
handed out to people!
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